Monday Morning on a Beach in Maine

I slept so soundly after the late night hike in, with the waves lapping up and that little bit of pride in a partially foraged full stomach. Without alarm, I automatically woke just as the sun crested the horizon. That's almost as amazing as the moment itself. It was more than breathtaking, it was quite... Continue Reading →

Foraging to the Beach

Big mile days are tough in the rain, simply because it sucks to get started in the wet and cold; but also too, the shortening daylight hours in Maine are getting painful for me. A second day in a row of sun is really helping me make some continued better miles, as well as boost... Continue Reading →

Whitecap Mountain

Arriving at the base of Whitecap Mountain from my own patchwork of side trails and logging roads, I lost the trail. The old fire tower trail I found on a map at a trailhead parking lot display was consumed by the forest. I spent an hour picking around quite a stretch of marshy land before... Continue Reading →

Shaw’s Hostel

I rolled into Shaw's and hid out for 2 nights in a row. I felt terrible obviously being sick in a community bunk house, but I had no choice. I'm on my second bottle of Muscinex and I have nothing in the tank. One of which I found in the hiker box at Human Nature... Continue Reading →

Human Nature Hostel

Sickness settled in fully. I'm really feeling terrible. With the cold and constantly damp weather, limited day light and zero energy, shit is rough going working through Maine. It's hard enough feeling well. I need a reprieve. I need to get dry and warm and find some meds or something. I hooked up with The... Continue Reading →

Wild Ass Maine

Right away Maine proves to be wild. Like really unkempt and wild. New challenges, disguised knee deep mud, rocky slides, boulder fields, you name it... it's here. Despite the feeling of sickness continuing, it's fun too. It's also getting cold. The constant running of your nose all day does become annoying. Everyone employees the use... Continue Reading →

Goodbye New Hampshire

After my first night in Gorham I checked out of the motel and ran into a few hikers I've seen around. One of them, Tokie, I had met originally back in Hanover and hiked with on multiple occasions. Both of us still needed to resupply. We decided we would make our way about 5 miles... Continue Reading →

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